KC Mavs – Game Day Experience


The Kansas City Mavericks know how to put on a show. A game day at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena is more than an experience, it’s an adventure. As you enter the game you immediately feel a sense of pride from every fan you pass, energy as you hear the skates touch the ice, and an overwhelming excitement as the puck drops. This is hockey in Kansas City.

With three contests every period, exciting intermission games and raffles lining the halls – Every game-goer will leave with something in their hands. Contests, prizes and a whole lot of winners. For their home opener, rally towels were placed on every seat! Leah and I were also chosen to play Charades during a timeout – we has SO much fun playing this game – and we won a koozie and Mavs cup. Again, no fan leaves empty-handed!

The fans create a lively atmosphere – There are no strangers in this arena. Everyone talks to everyone, and every game is one huge homecoming for the fans. Their official name is the Orange Army, and they’re the individuals who make the game day experience what it is. They bleed orange and blue through and through, and their pride creates a natural ripple effect throughout the crowd.

We will be attending every home game this season, and we hope to see you all there!

A HUGE thank you to the Kansas City Mavericks for this gameday experience! GO MAVS!

xx – Bec

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