A Note to You

Dear friend,

This world is lucky to have you. You were born for a reason, your passions are yours for a reason and you’re where you are right now for a reason. Your life has purpose. You were made on purpose. This life is all yours, only yours. And you only get one chance on this earth to make everything you want to happen, happen.

Your New Years resolution is more than a goal – It’s how you picture your ideal self and life. And if it’s your ideal self and life, why not do everything in your power to make the vision a reality? If you can see it, it’s within your grasp – Grab it. Forget the daily obstacles, temptations and discouraging moments that are holding you back. Throw away the negativity, fear and anxiety. Focus on moving forward one step at a time. Although there will always be environmental hurdles slowing you down, don’t let them make you tap out. You’ve got this. This year is yours, and only yours. You are responsible for how well it goes – Take control and make 2018 your best yet. I believe in you – Do you believe in you?

xx – Bec

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